Gamo Whisper IGT 4.5mm Air Rifle

Gamo Whisper IGT (Inert Gas Technology) 4.5mm Air Rifle. – Advanced technology using a pneumatic inert gas cylinder instead of conventional spring technology found in most pellet guns. This air gun also has the integrated noise damper ND52 – silencer. The IGT system increases velocity and pellet penetration while reducing stock vibration and recoil resulting in high accuracy, shot after shot.


  • Calibre 4.5
  • Viewfinder not included
  • Length 117 cm’s
  • Initial velocity 305
  • Ambidextrous
  • Boost and fibre optic sights
  • Ventilated rubber
  • Fibre shock
  • Greater consistency in pulling power. The pneumatic piston lways delivers the same power to allow a regular pellet constant.
  • Less vibration: to replace the traditional spring over the piston. the vibrations are reduced in the absence of fluctuations in the dock when you relax when shooting.
  • Force uniform constant load: the absence of friction loading dock is the efforts constant and softer.
  • With sound reducer
  • Increased speed and penetration

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